Frank Gironda Safety Policy

Please call from your car when you arrive.

We will call you back when your service provider is ready. There will be no waiting in the reception area. Please leave coats in your car.

Only the person receiving services can enter Frank Gironda..

except for appointments for a small child, or a client with a disability who needs assistance from a caregiver.

Your temperature will be taken as you enter the salon..

with a touchless thermometer. To receive services, your temperature must be below 100.4 degrees. The Frank Gironda staff will have this done when reporting to work each day as well

You must wear a mask that loops around your ears.

We cannot work around scarf coverings or masks that tie on the back of your head. You must wear the mask at all times in the salon. Assume the mask will get wet while getting hair color services. We will not be liable for damaged masks.

We are scheduling at 50% capacity..

to do our best to follow social distancing recommendations.

Our team has been trained in sanitation procedures..

compliant with CDC and OSHA standards for your safety. Every service area will be disinfected after each guest.

No beverages or magazines.

We will not be providing beverages and all magazines have been removed.

We will temporarily be charging a $5.00 fee per guest..

to assist with our expenses associated with additional sanitation product and supplies. If the only service you are receiving is a brow wax, the fee will be $2.00.

Walk in clients are not allowed.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

Cash Tips Only.

We are currently only accepting cash tips.